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Supportive newborn and toddler coaching

Bonding with your baby is indispendable for healthy development. Understanding your baby’s signals, like crying, and knowing how to respond, is very important. Your sensitive responses to the needs of your baby, will teach your baby to trust you and he or she will feel safe. Feeling safe and secure, your baby will be able to discover the world on his own and to grow and develop optimally.

BabyBonding course and coaching will help you bond with your baby!

Your baby has finally arrived! You’ve really been looking forward to baby’s arrival, but in practice you may find things overwhelming….Do you need someone who listens to you without judgement? Or do you need help to get focussed, improve your life or need to feel YOU again? One-on-one coaching can help you change your life and go from depressed, stressed or overwhelmed to joyful and well balanced. BabyBonding coaching empowers you! Interested? You can contact me at 070 3260268.

Crying: Sometimes those first few months can be extra difficult particularly if baby is restless, has colic, or cries a lot. With The Happiest Baby method, developed by the American dr. Harvey Karp, inconsolable, colicky crying babies calm down within seconds to minutes. And they also sleep for longer.
As the very first Certified Educator in the Netherlands I teach parents, among other effective comforting methods, the Happiest Baby method. The method has been recommended for many years by the American Academy of Pediatrics, a professional association of over 60.000 paediatricians and other professionals in the baby care field. It has also been the subject of considerable positive media attention, including coverage on Dr. Phil’s TV programme.
Sleeping: Babies or toddlers that wake up several times at night, or sleep very little during the day may be something of a challenge for parents. Understanding why and knowing how to respond can be a great relief. The new BabyBonding no crying techniques may also be suitable for a baby or toddler with sleeping problems.
Bonding: The bonding process can also be given a helping hand, particularly following a traumatic birth, illness, or a premature baby.
Trauma:  Do you have flashbacks or nightmares about your baby’s birth? Do avoid your baby because he/she reminds you of your traumatic experience? Do you have difficulty concentrating? Are you unusually irritable, angry or depressed? Or are you just numb and can’t feel anything? Then you may have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from your childbirth experience. EMDR therapy is recognized as an effective form of trauma treatment in numerous practice guidelines worldwide. Mostly three consultations are necessary.

The BabyBonding course: consists of two meetings of about two and a half hours each. You will get up-to-date information about all kinds of relevant parenting issues. We will discuss subjects such as attachment, soundly bonding with baby, your baby’s crying and how to respond, how to teach your baby to have a good night’s sleep, how to combine parenthood with a challenging job, etc. We also touch upon the kind of changes you can expect in your life with a newborn. All this knowledge will help you feel much more confident; it helps you cope.
The BabyBonding workshop: consists of one meeting of about two and a half hours. We will discuss subjects such as soundly bonding with baby, your baby’s crying and how to respond, how to teach your baby to have a good night’s sleep.
These courses are generally intended for pregnant women and mothers with a newborn. It is also possible to have these courses in a one-to-one consultation.
Happiest Baby classes: consists of one meeting of about three hours. This course is intended for parents-to-be. You will learn about attachment, how to bond soundly with your baby, about baby signals, and all about The Happiest Baby approach and how to work with its techniques.

Courses or classes are limited to a maximum of six participants.

drs. Yolanda C. Wolda
* Psychologist with the Netherlands Institute of Psychologists (NIP)
* Study: Child development psychology at the Radboud University
* Professional Coach
* EMDR therapist
* PresentChild translator/ therapist
* Boardmember of the NIP, department young child
* Certified Educator The Happiest Baby
* Mother of four children

* Individual coaching: consultation of 1½ hours: € 85,-
* Individual coaching for parents with baby’s 0-9 months:
– 2 hours : € 140,
* Follow-up consultations: 1½ hours: € 85,-
* BabyBonding course two meetings of 2½ hours each,
– including hand-outs: € 125,-
* BabyBonding workshop: one meeting of 2½ hours
– including hand-outs: € 100,-
* The Happiest Baby classes one meeting of two hours,
– including hand-outs, DVD and CD: € 115,-

For more information please go to our contact page or contact me using the following information.
Tel.: +31 (0) 70 32 60 268

‘the best way I know to calm crying babies.’- Stanley Inkelis, MD, Director, Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Harbor-UCLA Hospital
‘a toolkit for making happy babies and happy parents.’ – Lewis Leavitt, MD, Director, Center on Human Development, University of Wisconsin
As seen on Dr. Phil!’
‘Roll over dr. Spock- 
The New York Times

Gloriana: Earlier this year, I had the pleasure and privilege of meeting Yolanda Wolda and taking BabyBonding course. I learned about her course through my doula and I am so happy that I did. I had taken several courses on pregnancy and childbirth but was at a loss about what happens after the baby is born. As a first time mother, I had a lot of questions. Yolanda’s course was there to provide the guidance I was looking for, and fortunately for me, she most graciously offered to conduct her course for me in English. If you want to learn more about the principles of parenting and how to apply them, this is definitely the course for you! Yolanda’s course material stems from her studies, her work, and her personal experience.

With her background in child psychology, her work as an infant care consultant, and experience as a mother of four, Yolanda has a lot to give. Her vast amount of knowledge and her warm, caring style means she’s not only a great source of information but also a truly wonderful teacher and a delightful person to spend time with. In her course, she shares how best to connect with your baby in real life situations and meet his needs in order to provide the secure and loving environment that is so important for his development and well-being.

I highly recommend this course for any parent or caregiver wanting to learn more about the importance the first few months of life haves on a child’s development, how to read a baby’s signals, and how to use this knowledge to establish a deep connection with your child and enhance your trust in your own intuition. Excellent course! Wonderful teacher! Highly recommended!